Before Your Job Kills You Is Back For More

Here’s a recap of what’s happened so far:

I was born.   As I left the womb, I cried my eyes out, and those in attendance noted my incessantly babyish behaviour.  Twenty Seven years passed, with maturity being a welcome/unwelcome by-product of the process.  As I shifted into my 29th year, I read Camus and warmly embraced the absurdity of my existence.  Upon the realisation that I’m not a handsome French philosopher, I decided to take my uncertainty out on the world by leaving my job and roaming about a bit in different directions.  I started a(nother) (different) blog and went to Mexico for 4 months.  I hated that blog, and I let it die.

It was a pitiful end.  I watched it vegetate for 6 months, and without the inspiration to rescue it, I removed life support.  Just to be sure, we’re talking about a text-based web page, here.

Then in late 2016, I travelled to Thailand and some other surrounding noisy bits of South East Asia  To celebrate this directionless swing at a new life, I started another blog.  When I’m at a crossroads in life, I tend to start a new blog.  I let blogs die and then give birth to new ones.  Death and Birth isn’t SEO friendly, I know.  Anyhow, you can read that blog, right here.

Almost a year later, I returned home once more, with my heart set on to reading my mail.  Student Loan Company says I still owe them money.  In fact, they’re claiming I’ve owed them money for ten years.  I’m holding the position that the slovenly human that borrowed money off them was a moron that shouldn’t have been given a five figure loan, and therefore shouldn’t be expected to pay it back.  I don’t know if I hold any legal ground here, but we’ll see how things pan out.

Also, I watched some friends enter matrimony, and said hello to my family, which has since added another member.  I do enjoy the happiness of other people, now and then.

Fast forward 2 months, and I’m in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.  Which brings us up to speed.

Okay, What Next?

I’ve decided to spend the next 2 months travelling through the Balkans, Until December.

Something like this:

Predictably, it’s a rough plan.  As you can see, I have factored in the probable descent in to madness that accompanies the latter stages of all my trips, and will likely involve going round in circles for several days, eventually ending up trying to dingy my way across the Adriatic Sea to Croatia.

Travel and Deep Meaning

Since it’s 2017 and International Travel is no longer challenging, nor daring (and travelling for, I dunno, the sake of travelling, is lost on those of us who have been ruined by the internet), this trip really needs is a theme.  A plot.  A narrative.  Anything.  Something that is more than just, ‘I’m in Macedonia, isn’t that the tubby football legend ROFL

I was thinking along the lines of:

Hmmm, that’s rather crass, I think.  Too gimmicky.  And the payoff won’t be worth it given the absolute havoc such a suicidal amount of pizza will cause on my body.

How about:

I’m not sure I’ve got this kind of mayhem and revelry in me, I mean I’m 31.  I’m old.  And there are plenty of unhinged travellers out there doing this sort of thing, anyway.

I need something that is both unique and has mass appeal.  Others:

BYJKY Season 2: The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Organised Hikes That Comply With Safety Regulations And Aren’t At All Adventurous.   I can’t risk this becoming a hiking blog, though.  I’m highly impressionable, it could happen.

BYJKY Season 2: Balkans Til’ Christmas – Although, I don’t expect this extravaganza to last until Christmas, so that’s misleading.  Let’s not make this any longer than it needs to be.

BYJKY Season 2:  Balkans Travel For The Curious – Boring.  I’m after hearts and minds, not sponsored trips from Tourist Boards.

Right, enough.  No gimmicks, spiritual journeys, premeditated adventures or time limits.  Those can’t, and won’t define this trip.

I’ll just go for something nice and loose.  Something I can wriggle out of later on.


Coming to a web domain near you, this Autumn.