On Hiatus: An Interview With Oneself

No one seems to understand what is the deal with this blog.  Have we seen the last of Before Your Job Kills You?

With this, and so many four other questions on the back of our minds, we got the chance to sit down with creator to finally dig for some answers.  And by we, I of course mean me. Essentially, I’m talking to myself. Which is totally fine.

ME: Before Your Job Kills You has recently celebrated its’ second birthday.  Which is surprising given it contains (at best) a few months worth of content.  Does that bother you? You seem undeterred by the scent of death surrounding the project over the past year.

Also Me: Sure, the last year has been plagued with uncertainty, both personally and professionally.  There has been some changes with regards to creative direction, and the associated costs of that hasn’t helped in terms of the blog’s production.  But I’m not bothered.

ME: You aren’t?

Also Me: No.

ME:  And what are these ‘associated costs’ you speak of?

Also Me: Just some personnel changes.  As I’ve indicated, there were creative differences, and that resulted in people going their separate ways.  It happens.

ME: How many people did these changes this involve?

Also Me: Well, we had a writing team of 73, and now we’re down to one.  As I said, it happens in this business.  Creative differences happen, and players move on.

ME:  Wow, that’s quite a huge change.  Was it a case of 72 people going one way and one person going the other?

Also Me: Something like that, yes.

ME: And was the one person, by any chance…you?

Also Me: Yeah.

ME:  Can you expand upon this?  What were the creative differences you speak of?

Also Me:  It was matter of style.  There were some strong feelings amongst the now departed about the need for a transition, and essentially, a major rebrand.

ME: Like how?

Also Me: I’d prefer not to go too much in to the details.  That stuff is in the past.  I’ll just say this – there was motion for the entire blog to be moved over to Instagram and to be renamed ‘Follow UR DREAMS‘.  There was a push for the project to be photo and hashtag based, with a significant throttling of written content.

ME: And you didn’t like this idea?

Also Me:  I hated it.  It made a lot of sense from a business and exposure standpoint.  The idea was to get some actual human eyes looking at the blog, which I was fully supportive of.  But the research showed that people aren’t interesting in reading anything if it isn’t supplemented with a cat meme, or is in the format of an instantly gratifying hook.  I deliberated the idea for weeks, but came to an abrupt realisation.

ME: Which was?

Also Me: That it would be soul rape of the highest order.

ME:  Oh.  Fair enough.  So…what now?  Where does this blog go from here?

Also Me:  A new season and new material.  I was in dark place and was ready to shut this thing down.  I got all caught up with idea of relevancy and validation.  But then someone walked in the room and turned on the light, before telling me something important

ME: Go on..

Also Me: They described a blog as ‘your own little corner of internet.’  It made things clearer for me.  There may be a stench of death here, but there’s nothing a little air freshener can’t fix.  BYJKY is like my home on the web, and I should keep it alive for that reason alone.  I need the interior design to be something that reflects me, even if it stops people wanting to come over for dinner.  Because it’s mine, and without it I’d be homeless.  Homeless on the internet.

ME: So are you actually homeless?

Also Me: No no, it’s a metaphor you see.  But real life homelessness – that’s an interesting narrative that I’m exploring for a future season.

ME:  Is being homeless a narrative though?  Doesn’t it just mean you have no money and are living in a state of poverty?

Also Me: Everything is a narrative.  This mug of coffee is a narrative.  The coaster it is sitting on is a narrative.  That sofa over there…that sofa is a five season black comedy waiting to happen.

ME:  We can only hope.  And what can we expect with the new season?  Can you tell us anything about the story arc?

Also Me:  The protagonist is a couple of years older so he’s a different person.  I mean, he’s still clueless.  He’s still in a pitch black ice rink with no skates on (only socks), wildly swinging for the piƱata of meaning.  But he’s actually less idealistic than before, and more practical.  Will this make for a good storyline?  Probably not, no.

ME:  Well it’s just great to hear that there’s new content coming.

Also Me:  There’s also the chance that you’ll never hear from me ever again.

ME: I see, and why’s that?

Also Me: Because I’m flaky and unreliable.

ME: Huh.  Anything else we should know?

Also Me:  Yes.  I’m probably getting a real job soon.  And that’s totally fine because the name of the blog was never meant to be taken literally.  But it’ll be a job (somewhat) on my terms.  Not an insidious high paying corporate job that comes with a BMW and follows you to bed at night.  Although, I’m not ruling out eventually getting ones of those. And if I do, then we can say with some certainty that the soul of the blog has been pillaged and raped beyond recognition.

ME:  Lastly, how do you respond to your critics who saying things like, ‘Blogging is completely dead, it’s been dead for years, even when it wasn’t dead your blog was a terrible white elephant clogging up the internet, get over yourself, you loser’.

Also Me: I don’t.   I curl into a ball and have a small cry.

Before Your Job Kills You Season 4.  Coming to your face in 2019.