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  1. An Interview With Oneself


Season 3:  Asia or Bust Part 2

  1. Asia or Bust Part 2, or South-East Asia Until I’m 95: Part 1
  2. MotorPsyche Diaries Part 4
  3. MotorPsyche Diaries Part 5
  4. The Chiang Mai Burning Season Apocalypse Survival Guide
  5. 10 Things You Cannot Miss In Generic Tourist Destination

Season 2:  Themeless Balkans Trip For An Undefined Length of Time, For Reasons That Will Later Become Clear, Hopefully

  1. Before Your Job Kills You Is Back For More
  2. A Letter From Behind The Curtain
  3. International Court of Travel Injustice:  The Bus No Go Case
  4. Beginner Hitchhiking In Macedonia

Season 1:  Asia or Bust

  1. Thailand or Bust
  2. Haircuts In Chiang Mai.  Plural.
  3. How To Become A Digital Nomad in 24 Hours (Or Less!)
  4. Hit Refresh: Prevent Your Head From Exploding
  5. A History of Digital Nomadism, Reimagined: Part 1
  6. The Outsourcing Hole
  7. How To Not-Get-Fat.  In Chiang Mai.
  8. Songthaew Diaries 1
  9. Songthaew Diaries 2
  10. The Great Digital Nomad Identity Crisis
  11. 53 Steps To A New Thai Visa In Malaysia
  12. Songthaew Diaries 3
  13. Preachy New Year Wisdom Post
  14. Digital Nomad Annual Pub Quiz
  15. 5 Items That Must Be In My Bag.  Or I’m Going Home.
  16. Tis’ The Season
  17. 6 Unsexy Things To Do In Chiang Mai
  18. Surviving Saigon
  19. Living In Chiang Mai…Should You Believe The Hype?


Before Your Job Kills You


Cognitive Dumpster Fire #1 & #2  (This is dead.  So much for accountability)